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Using the Formulary

For Public and Patients:

This formulary has been written for clinicians and healthcare professionals to enable them to prescribe medicines for their patients safely and cost effectively. If you have any questions about the medicines you have been prescribed please talk to your GP or pharmacist in the first instance. 

Please note some links to sites requiring a NHS network connection will not be accessible to the public.

For NHS users:

This formulary is intended for patients residing in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford and Hastings and Rother CCG catchment areas. 

How to access the BNF:

If accessing the BNF for the first time outside an NHS network or on a personal device you will need to "register" and then log in.  You will only have to do this once.

How to use the formulary status:

Green: First line drugs - First line agents that may be initiated in both primary and secondary care.
Blue: Second line drugs - Alternatives where first line agents have been tried or are not suitable. They may be initiated in both primary and secondary care.

Specialist initiated drugs - Treatments that are recommended or initiated by a specialist and GPs continue to prescribe on specialist advice. 

Some specialist initiated drugs require dose titration and/or specific ongoing monitoring. GPs may be asked to take on additional monitoring once the patient has been stabilised on treatment by the specialist service.  Arrangements for shared care are described in the Shared Care Guidelines for these drugs. 

Red: Specialist prescribing only drugs – These drugs should only be prescribed by a specialist or within a specialist service.
Mixed Status: This is used where the drug has a different status for different presentations - please make sure you drill down

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  • Specialist Initiated Drugs
  • Specialist Only Drugs
  • Mixed Status