The Injectable Medicines Guide (IMG), also known as Medusa,  provides guidance on the preparation and administration of injectable medicines in adult and paediatric clinical areas.

It is available as a resource for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust employees. It contains in excess of 400 monographs for medicines given by the intravenous (IV) route with the exception of cytotoxic agents. It covers both licensed and unlicensed medicines. 

The Injectable Medicines Guide (IMG) 
Medusa is available through the links on the ESHT intranet via the A-Z index as Medusa or the pharmacy department page and a password is not required.

Staff needing access outside NHS.net  can use the website http://www.injguide.nhs.uk/  and  will need to enter a username and password.

Please contact the Medication Safety Officer at the Conquest Ext 7058 or Medicines Information (esh-tr.medicinesinformation@nhs.net) EDGH Ext 3785 or Conquest Ext 7067 if you have any queries or are unsure of your ESHT password / username.

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  • Specialist Initiated Drugs with Shared Care Guidelines
  • Specialist Only Drugs
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