11.1 Administration of drugs to the eye

See main Administration of drugs to the eye document attached

Non-proprietary medication ‘Specials’

Wherever possible a proprietary brand of eye drops/ointment should be prescribed. If in doubt as to whether the product is commercially available (or to discuss a suitable alternative) please contact the following for advice:

Primary Care: Medicines Management Helpline  - 0300 131 4387 Email - EHSCCG.medicinesqueries@nhs.net 

Secondary care: Medicines Information helpline - 01323 413785 Email - esh-tr.medicinesinformation@nhs.net

Contact lenses

Some drugs and preservatives in eye preparations can accumulate in hydrogel lenses and may induce toxic reactions. Therefore, unless medically indicated, the lenses should be removed before instillation and not worn during the period of treatment.

Many drugs given systemically can also have adverse effects on contact lens wear – refer to BNF for details.

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a sight-threatening condition seen most often in contact lens wearers and associated with inappropriate lens handling and poor hygiene. It is characterised by intense pain sometimes in the absence of any other signs.

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