Long Term Oxygen therapy

HOOF B forms – only to be completed by the RESPS team

RESPS referrals

Please consider referring all patients with oxygen saturations <92% on air at rest on two occasions to the RESPS team for assessment.

Many patients will benefit more from breathlessness management, chest clearance training and optimising medication and inhaler use than oxygen.

Patients have a multi-disciplinary assessment team with nurse specialist, physiotherapist and oxygen assessment as required, to ensure ordering of appropriate equipment and to check the home environment. The holistic assessment (ideally when stable for 6 weeks), will include blood gases, a 6-minute walk test (as shorter tests may give misleading results), assessment of patient’s needs and how they will benefit. The patient will receive education on use of oxygen and follow up.NB Many patients cope well with oxygen saturations <85% - blood gases are a much better guide to treatment; oxygen only reduces mortality when Pa02 is less than 7.4KPa and used for >15hours per day.

The RESPS team may also involve the Hospices.

All referrals should be made to the RESPS team via HSCC 

For advice only telephone 01424 755255 ext 8166 and leave a message – 7 days per week:

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