ESHT antimicrobial prescribing guidelines and policy for adults and children

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Adult and Paediatric Antimicrobial Guidelines are available to access, free of charge, via an app – Microguide®.

To download, search ‘Microguide’ (Horizon Strategic Partners) in the app store – register for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

Navigation is straight-forward via the front page.

Provided your device is connected to the internet, next time you use the app any update will be automatically downloaded to your device.

Alternatively, PC users are able to access guidelines via:

For more information see the ESHT Antimicrobial Prescribing Policy for Adults and Children 

  • First Line Drugs
  • Second Line Drugs
  • Specialist Initiated Drugs with Shared Care Guidelines
  • Specialist Only Drugs
  • Mixed Status