7.4.5 Drugs for erectile dysfunction

Patients requiring treatment for erectile dysfunction on the NHS must meet the selected limited list (SLS) criteria.

The drug treatment pathway for ED outlines prescribing choices for patients meeting the NHS criteria  and the options for patients who do not.

 HSC 1999/177 recommends that treatment for ED should be available from specialist services when it is causing severe distress. GPs can prescribe sildenafil for these patients but if this is ineffective or not tolerated, these patients should be referred into a specialist service who will then prescribe other ED treatments as necessary. GPs should not issue an FP10, endorsed SLS, where treatment has been started by a specialist for a patient suffering severe distress unless they also meet one of the other SLS criteria.

  • First Line Drugs
  • Second Line Drugs
  • Specialist Initiated Drugs with Shared Care Guidelines
  • Specialist Only Drugs
  • Mixed Status