9.4.2 Enteral nutrition

Tube Feeds

Advice on enteral tube feeding can be obtained from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Arrangements in the East Sussex Health Economy:

  • Patients in primary care receiving home enteral tube feeding under the care of the dietitians will be registered with a home enteral feed company.
  • The current contract is with Nutricia Clinical Care.
  • All patients need to be under the care of a Registered Dietitian for assessment and monitoring.
  • Patients should be referred by a GP if necessary.
  • Each patient’s dietitian will request the GP to write the appropriate feed on FP10 prescription, and forward the prescription to the Home Care company.
  • The feed and ancillary equipment will be delivered to the patient’s home on a date agreed by the patient, carer or nursing home etc.
  • Nutricia Clinical Care are contracted in the East Sussex area to provide a pump replacement service, Home Care nurse and 24hour telephone support for patients.
  • Further information on the Nutricia Homeward service can be obtained from the Dietetic Department
  • For further information on Enteral Feeding, please refer to Trust Guidelines for Home Enteral Feeding (adults) - see below.
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