Suspected Vitamin D deficiency should be managed in accordance with the attached algorithm. The full treatment guideline can be found here.

Alfacalcidol and calcitriol are preferred for patients with renal impairment who require vitamin D. Clinicians taking over shared care or prescribing for the first time should ensure that:

  • Calcium plasma levels are monitored regularly
  • Dosing frequency is appropriate- usually once daily but can be a weekly administration
  • The correct dose is prescribed/ supplied as there is sometimes confusion over micrograms and nanograms.

Adcal D3 and Calceos are for use where calcium is required in addition to vitamin D.  For advice on treating osteoporosis see chapter 6.6.

As an alternative to Adcal D3® where palatability is an issue

60 tablet (4 tubes of 15 tablets)

Colecalciferol 800unit tablets and capsules are available OTC

90 capsule (9 x 10 capsules)
90 capsule
25 ml
90 tablet (6 x 15 tablets)
70 tablet (7 x 10 tablets)
15 capsule
  • First Line Drugs
  • Second Line Drugs
  • Specialist Initiated Drugs
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  • Mixed Status