9.6.6 Vitamin K

Vitamin K in the newborn – All babies need vitamin K at birth. The recommendation is that infants are given either:

  • Intramuscular vitamin K 1mg as a single dose. (Konakion® MM Paediatric 2mg in 0.2 ml); or
  • Oral vitamin K 2mg as a course of 2 or 3 doses given at birth, 4-7 days and a 3rd dose at 1 month for exclusively breast-fed babies. (Konakion® MM Paediatric 2 mg in 0.2 ml)

Menadiol sodium phosphate is water-soluble and is included for use where patients have fat malabsorption syndromes.

100 tablet

For prevention of vitamin K deficiency in malabsorption syndromes

10 tablet

Paediatric - oral administration to be taken by mouth, i.m injection or i.v injection administration (see BNFC)

5 ampoule

Adult - Slow i.v. injection or by i.v. infusion in 5% glucose. NOT for i.m administration. can also be used orally for VKA reversal

10 ampoule
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